Mathemeticians Predict Top 9 Nations for Future Evangelism

According to CNN, Mathematicians in an upcoming book predict “‘religion will be driven toward extinction’” in countries including Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands”. Interesting the similarities in those nations. On a positive note, this provides substantial opportunity for evangelism and spreading the love of Jesus Christ. Any of you who have […]

“People Letting Me down” – What to Do About it

Life is hard enough just taking care of our own business, but it is made infinitely more challenging when we consider the vast web of connections we have. Each of us have our own strengths, but also our own faults. Dealing with other people’s faults can be a large weight on people. I’ve been there, […]

Sharing Your Story of God’s Restoration

It’s interesting how God uses themes in my life. Usually a point is made several times over the course of anywhere from a day to a couple weeks. This is likely because I’m thick-headed and not that good of a listener so I’m happy God extends enough mercy to give me a few shots at […]

Aligning a Business Venture with Christ

On the way to my 12-step meeting, I heard a commercial on the radio for advertising with our local Christian rock station, and they’re doing a takeoff on the eharmony commercials where the business owner and customer are talking about their experience using this rock station to find each other. Cute-ish commercial, but there was […]

What to Do When The Job Market Stinks

We’re in the midst of a pretty solid recession here in the US and the effects have reached around the world to some degree, but one place where the job market has always been awful is Africa. Even our worst recession doesn’t compare to the lack of the average African nations’ economic prospects. Basically no […]

How to Plan Bringing Meals for Friends

Planning meals with your circle of friends, church group, or other organization is such a great way to lift up others and it’s so simple to do. However, planning this usually falls on one person and it can spiral out of control. Does this thread of emails look familiar? sara: Hey gang, anyone want to […]

Did You Love Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah?

Okay, so I’m guessing this is more awkward for me jumping back on the blog but I watched this song probably a good 6-9 months ago and really dug it. If anyone reading this blog knows me on a super-personal level then you’d know Phil Wickham would probably not be an artist you’d find in […]

What Changes Have You Noticed Since Accepting Jesus Christ as Your Higher Power?

Wisdom – I always had plenty of brains, but my timing and delivery was awful. Essentially, I lacked wisdom and found myself playing ping-pong between legalism and living in license. Only place where that pure wisdom can come from is God. I received my first taste when doing the 30 days of wisdom series on […]

Unique Ministry Idea –

I am a soldier in a war that is diametrically opposed to all that is cool. By cool, I’m not talking about your gel-quaffed hair and fond memories of being in a boy band or my obsession with anyone that mentions the atari 2600. My mission is simply to help people reach their audience on […]

How Does Admitting I’m Powerless Bring Healing?

The Bible is filled with seeming paradoxes but there is one recurring theme. God’s strength is revealed most in our weakness. In a previous post I discussed what I have control over and what is out of control and found the answer to the first to be “very little” and the second to be “quite […]