10 Ways to Get Closer to God

  1. Stop running from him
  2. Sit and wait for him
  3. Turn around and run toward him
  4. Realize he is everywhere
  5. Quit being afraid and talk to him
  6. Shut up and listen to him
  7. Ask for forgiveness
  8. Forgive others
  9. Ask for him to save me
  10. Give my life to him

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  1. Your site is very informative and I am a believer in Jesus

  2. i want to get closer.

  3. Another site that is very useful after you’ve realized all this is http://www.eioba.com/a54470/10_ways_to_a_closer_relationship_with_god =]

  4. I love my Lord Jesus Christ. Without him we all would be nothing. I think him everyday for the beat in my hear and the air in my lungs…Shew do I love HIM..God Bless…

  5. i am a trucker that loves jesus very much, but sometimes i just do not feel worthy enough that i can talk tohim. but i do know nomatter whatm that he is there and listening. thank you jesus

  6. This website was very useful. I believe that with the lord no weapon formed against us shall prosper. He is my light and my salvation.

  7. without jesus i would be a lost sheep

  8. I get closer to God by praying to him, singing to him,reading my bible and thanking him for all he has done in my life. I would now like to spend more time with him by thoroughly reading my bible and studing the word clearly.

  9. Getting close to God is easy. All you have to do is want to spend time with Him just like you would your best friend or your spouse. God loves your time with Him and will bless you amazingly for spending that time with him. It took me many years to make the “sacrifice” of spending time with Him. When I finally made the commitment I realized it was not a sacrifice at all. I love spending time with God. It makes my day go smoother, makes me think clearer, and makes me more patient with my children and others around me.

    I spend time with God every evening. (I am not a morning person, but I hear that is better.  I start with music and worshiping God, then I thank Him for all He has done.  I spend time asking God for my needs and then I actually spend QUIET time with Him so that he can actually talk to me! ( I have been told a lot that when you are talking to me, you can’t get a word in edgewise LOL)  So I give God time to talk to me.

    Just spending quality non-multitasking time with Him everyday and reading His word is all it takes to get closer to God. 

    It took me about a month to get into the routine. Now that I do this on a daily basis, I am convinced that I am much more productive when I spend time with God.

    I used a couple of different resources that helped me out a lot. Rev. Jeremy Mahurin’s book, The Secret Place, tells you not only WHY, but gives you step-by-step instructions on HOW. He also has a weekly devotional targeted specifically to getting close to God and staying that way. You can find all these resources at http://www.drawingcloser.org

  10. most times I dont feel worthy…why would God love “me”….? After being raped (a virgin) I got promiscuous and had an abortion…I have stayed on the straight road since then…i feel as if nothing I do will ever make me be forgiven.. yet I Long to go back to the very close relationshiop I always had with God. Jesus must be really tired of me. But I dont give up.. I still pray everyday and read the word…maybe one day? :-)
    no matter what.. i love the Lord with all my heart and soul.

  11. My desir every day is to get closer to God. You are doing a good work thank you for supporting me.

  12. My desir every day is to get closer to God and i have found the way through thi7 site. You are doing a good work thank you for supporting me.

  13. I want to get closer to him

  14. Hey I love this website!!!! I am a beloved in Christ Jesus. Just got home
    from a mission trip!

  15. I have sinned against God. I would like to come back to him and get closer to him more than ever.

  16. why do I cry when we sing the chant at our Church,
    I don’t know why, but this has been happening for the last two years.

  17. God is good. Despite my many shortcomings, he keeps making a way. I am grateful for everything he’s done in my life, for my family, friends..I’m thankful for good health and no major tribulations in my life. I don’t ever remember a time that I wasn’t saved or didn’t know the Lord. I grew up in the church, and have pretty much remained there every since. However, my walk with the Lord has somewhat taken a stand still during my collegiate years, I still went to church just didn’t pray as much and now (i’ll admit) I forget! It’s a horrible feeling to ask myself did I pray yesterday and not be able to remember. I know he’s done so much for me to not at least say ‘THANK YOU’ everyday. I’ve been trying to read the Bible more often in hopes of getting closer to HIM. I’m trying to start just by reading at least one scripture or one passage a day..but at times the task just seems so daunting! I want to be more in love with the Lord, I want to be closer to him, but I don’t want it to feel like a task. Any suggestion???

  18. God is love and wants us to love others. He want us to forgive others as he forgave us through Christ his son. Love one another and proclaim his words among the nation.

  19. I believe in Jesus alot and that he is the great son of God. I want to be very close to Him. I have had dreams of seeing Heaven and hell and let every know that hell is real. but you can take a step and start believing in God and stop sin. We all need God in our lives to be save.
    God bless you for the good work you are doing to bring His children back to He.

  20. just to be close to you,just to be close to you,is my desire Lord!
    I want to love the lord with all my soul but i am not yet completly saved. I am moved by worship and praise and just need to go that bit futher. So i can just be close to you, Lord. I love these songs they really help me when i am to busy to spend time with God, just singing along lifts your mood and deepens my connection with God i hope it does the sme to you.

  21. i always feel am a sinner but i love jesus i pray i get more closer to him and feel better some day, thank u jesus

  22. My Lord,Jesus,
    You only pathway to God,
    Thank You for dieing on the cross for my sin
    Please repent my sin & my life,I want my life to life.
    Please help me to protect bless me & family.
    Fill each one us with Holy spirit to guided us.


  23. i want to take me back and to help achive all what i suppose to have achieve for the past ten years that i have been working and schooling i have nothing good to show all my friends believe it all my fault but i always try to pray listen to the words of God but now please Lord teach me how to know u more i beg you my Lord i want to be where you are get more closer to you and to do your will i’m ready my Lord let me begin to feel you and see you now.thank you Lord


  25. live with the word not by the word because the word of GOD is the GOD himself.

  26. In response to the 2nd one… i dont think you are supposed to “sit and wait for Him”, the bible states that you should wait upon the Lord… but not in a sense of waiting as it sitting down and waiting on someone, more of the sense as a waiter serves a guest, be God’s waiter and serve Him.

  27. :)i woship you *LORD and i got taken away 17 times but i thank *You for giving me a family that addopted me and im only 9 yrs old.
    i love *You with all my heart and soal!!:(

  28. im 20 years old. i really wanna get close to God. i made a promise to him to stay a virgin till i was married, and i kept that promise till i turned 19 years old. I feel so ashamed and sooo bad about it, even though i only had one partner. I think about God alot, but it seems that i am distracted alot. i sin, we all do, but i havent had sex in about 3 weeks. i grew up listening and learning about god, for this new years (2011) i really wanna get close to God like i use to be, i dont wanna feel ashmaend anymore. i feel since i broke the promise, he is kinda upset with me, i shouldnt have ever made the promise( i was 16 at the time i made the promise). God is good, and his blood means soo much and im trynna learn the deeper verison of it all. I wanna give him my all the same way i give clothes or music or dancing my all. but even more because He deserves it and after this life is over, its either hell or eternity with the lord and i chose the Lord.

  29. Thank god that he made us!we belive in him!for those who don’t care about him,think about him,talk to him,belive in him,and don’t love him they should be ashamed!god made us.if he didn’t we would all be nothing!love god don’t hate him.

  30. I love god very much because he means a lot to everyone.he I s the biggest part of our lives.we should all love god and Jesus.thank them,talk to him and the most important thing to do is love them. I think of him every single day, I talk to him every single day. I love him more and more everyday. I would give him my life so he could be here to see all of us. Bless god.please leave a comment of what I said. Remember to love him,care for him, and love him!

  31. Im want and am going to get closer with my Lord

  32. i just love the lord so much i just want to get closer with him. i want to be use by him.

  33. i love the lord so much just want to be close to him each and everyday.

  34. Sometimes things are so much deeper then the surface. How do any one think it would feel to have grew up and learn that everything that you have been taught was full of crap? Well here is my short story, ” I didnt come from a home that went to chruch every sunday, but for some odd reason at such a young age I knew something was missing out my life and i tried to seek God. Although i found goodness in certain chruches that i thought at the time was the right place for me something just never added up for me when it came to the questions that i asked but never got the answer that satisified my soul or all the unanswered question that i figured no one could answer. Well after truly trying to seek him and going thur this thing called life I was 16 when i made up my mind and said i refuse to be a hypocrite so i will give the whole chruch thing a break and return when i was ready. At 23 i made my mind up a decided to give it a shot. I thought i found greatest place to become a member and thought i would be there until farther notice. But that was until i was introduced something new, something ive never heard before, something so true and i am the biggest believer now because its in plain english and every question ive ever had has been answered. Now im a member of The Israel of God and i would not trade what i know and what im learning in for my own life. So if you really want to be close to God and get to know him better and have him in your life read this message as the one to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! If anyone who gets a hold of this post and follow thur consider yourself as one the informed few. You can tune in during service if you dont reside in Chicago or feel comfortable enough to just show up, online on Saturdays 10a.m. service and 1:30pm service. Just to clear the raised eye brow if there is any this is not a Jehovah Witness or anything along that nature so check it out if you say you are serioius about it. Oh and make sure you have your bible with you because you are about to learn about our father straight from the book!!! GET THE TRUTH, RESPECT THE TRUTH, AND GROW FROM THE TRUTH!!!

  35. Thanks alot guys for your inspiring contributios.this site is a spring board to firm belief in God and his marvels.
    Prayer before reading Gods word is an indication that you want to talk and listen to GOD.
    He will send the holly spirit to interprit the spiritual chapters you are reading so that you get to dynamically and intrestingly understand,how phisically,spiritully replenishing is his word.
    Thank you and GODbless you!
    MWESIGWA ERUS (04.03.2011)

  36. i beilive that god is the one who care for us in all the world. but we forgot him and keep runnng from him. god is the one who loves us so always thank god.

  37. im 19 and was saved at 16 i have back slide a couple time it hard to remain a god fearing christian in these times its expected for us to fall short of the glory we were born of the flesh but repent and ask for forgiveness and try not to make the same mistakes and your walk with god will become more intense and before you know it you will be hand in hand with the most beautiful being there ever was and will be

  38. getting close to god is easy,staying close god is more difficult.with the hustle and bustle of everyday life,staying close to god requires commitment and dedication.starting your morning off with a conscious desire to draw close to god will ensure a full day of gods presence.god is always close to you,but is up to you to remain close to him..

  39. I feel empty like theres nothing there.. I want closer and peace on my mind.. I just want to die and be in heaven.. I here voices all the time but they r different everytime.. I dont know what to do.. For i know god is coming real soon.. Sooner then we think and i want to do is get rite.. God father of everyone he created save me .. Rescue me out of this burning fire put it out with holy water or a holy blanket of love blessed by you help me god please save me.

  40. Thank God for His mercy and protection. I love God so much but am finding it difficult to get close to Him, I no he will not let me down and he loves me also. I will continue to praise and honor His name because he is worthy to praised. What makes me love him so much is that, among the gods there none like him. I love you God and i know you me too. Amen.

  41. i wanna be saved for GOD

  42. Informed few, eh? Not making us followers of Christ look real good here ;)

  43. God i put all my trust in my life and everything i have comes from u.Please protect me from my enemies and tho who exploit me.

  44. I am a believer in my savior Jesus Christ and i feel like i get away from him every once in a while but i still know hes there for me everyday i live and that he always will be, i pray every night and i have been saved,so i would just ask for forgiveness and repent from sin.

  45. Sometimes when I get still, I still don’t always hear God’s voice. I feel really distant from Him. I need to get close to Him. Are your step sure ways to getting closer?

  46. hey matt these r nt only d ways to get closer to our father god d actual way is to read more and more bible and surrender ur live’s to him

    im nt sayin these ways r wrong but dey r also correct but nt dat correct

  47. I want to get closer to God and go to heaven.Please help me.

  48. Life is nothing without Jesus.
    May we ask for forgiveness and always showing us the right path in order not to be lost.
    God my only Savior and Father.

  49. I wanna pledge my life to God, I DESIRE to let him live in my heart, my soul and body! I wanna be a powerful vessel of God nd Spread the GOSPEL OF HIS GOOD, MAGNIFYING GLORY. GLORY to the father, the son and the Holy Spirit!

  50. m a rich 17 year boy from wealthy family .. bt idont get very much attracted to things like enjoying,kidding,experimenting, love,sex and alot of thing in which other do in my age. i always feel this is rubbish , nd jst awaste. i have alot of attitude so i dont have friends. bcoz i feel myself different from them. i vant that some miracle happn in my life bt its not .. itry too meditate too bt didnt achieve till now .. i vant too se god. i want too feel himm
    m not good at studies. still my parents give me evrything…
    sometimes i feel like killing myself like to do suicide..
    sometimes i thought its better dis world must destroys its ful;l of bad things more than good ones. now in typing too ihve so many things to tell bt in my mind its exisisting so much dat m confused dat vat to tell or not … i want too help helpless peoples nd every one out der who is good and sufferd a lot from his or her life wether its prostitute or else… vith the help of god .. plz guide me right way

  51. Let me ask, how can you give your life to God and still have a life of your own? Do you have to spend every moment of every day worshipping Him? I do believe in Jesus and am trying to get closer to Him, so please do not think I’m trying to question your faith, it is a real question of mine.

  52. The lord is everywhere in my heart
    The Lord is everywhere in my path
    He loves me
    He guides me
    He is the only light in my path
    When i sleep,he sings the song
    When i study,he sits with me

    He loves me
    He guides me
    He is the only light in my path
    When the sun comes,he give shade to me
    When the rain comes,he will protect me
    He loves me
    He guides me
    He is the only light in my path

  53. I want to get closer to god…I really do. everytime I’m in church I almost cry. I don’t know why. I want god to be proud of me. everytime I get close…I end up sinning. I hate that. I want to get close to him and receive his blessing he has for me. I wanna go to heaven too.

  54. I want to get closer to God, spirit but have a problem with the whole “Jesus” thing. I do not want to sound disrespectful, so please just take this as pure honesty. I have a problem with religion in general, esp. Christianity. I believe in spirit, God, or whatever you want to call it. Why do people always talk about Jesus and having to get closer to Jesus? Wasnt he just a person? I am confused…maybe I am doing this all wrong. I felt the presence of spirit once in my life which lasted about a month. I was undeniable….it was there with me, speaking to me. I was the most amazing month of my life but it is gone. How do you get it back and keep it?…without the dogma?

  55. You most understand God isn’t a monster or else he wouldn’t of created you. He loves you know matter what. Does he frown upon you when you do wrong/sin …. yea! Just. Like your mom an dad. Does he love you unconditionally, YEs! ! When you make your move to bring yourself to the kingdom of God. You will have trials , bad days, insecurities. But walking in faith not by sight is the greatest, hardest thing that you will ever feel, at the same time the most rewarding. Prey when bad days come. An leave it in your God’s hands! God bless!

  56. am 19 years old geting to 20. am a levite i was trained to love God. I love him like hell but i stil fall into sin am still a virgin but ma flash is taking control over me.. I have sin against God a whole lot in my thought and word but today Lord am so sorry. I want to be close to you. Help me find your way. Bring me back to you. Give me the strength to resist friends. I love you God. Yes, i do.

  57. Through prayer, we get to talk to God. I believe spending more time praying seriously and asking to experience God in our lives will help us get closer. Remember God is holy and to experience Him more, we’ve also got to be holy.

  58. Praise God for he is great & owner of ur soul.. Do U????? know that God could raise a stone if we refuse to praise & worship him?? Men if U????? are afraid to praise that means U????? don’t appreciate what he is doing for U?????.. Go to Otibhor or any other hospital, U????? will ????.?????? & know ? reason why you should praise ? lord… Uhm Glory b to God for my life.. Now praise ? lord…. !!!!

  59. GOD I’m a sinner. Please give me the grace to overcome sin.

  60. I want to love God but I don’t feel like I do. I am sad because I keep sinning and then I feel terrible and ask for forgiveness. Then like the next day I get the temptation to do it againand I do. I don’t understand. I know if I love God I will obey him and stop. I don’t understand why I don’t feel like I love God. I am sad that I sin and hurt him, its just so hard for me. What do I do?

  61. i want to repent and live a new life for christ.oh God help me


  63. I love God so much, but sometimes i find it hard to trust in him with all my heart. He has done so much for me, pulled me out of darkness and had kept me in times of tribulation. I think my problem is that i need to walk by my faith more and not by sight. God thoughts towards me are not of evil but of hope and a future. And that is the same for all of you. God Bless = )

  64. thank yo so much for youre information about getting closer to god! i will try my best to follow them!

  65. god s amazing to know him who is from the beginning. you know i started going to church in 2000 fairly young. over the years i wondered if he really existed until one day at 2 am when he poured his spirit upon me, thats when i saw that he really existed. since that time i have fallen many times , been sexual immoral but i have inclined my heart to seek him and to know him. he says call unto me and i will show you great and unsearchable things. what are this great and unsearchable things, daniel saw them when the future was revealed to him. do you want to know him ,find him.

  66. I believe in God with all my heart. I’ve been trying so hard to establish a stronger and closer relationship with Him but sometimes I feel like my prayers aren’t being heard. I treat people kindly and try my best to live as a child of God. What am I doing wrong? My husband and I raise our children in a way that’s pleasing to Him. I’m not a criminal or anything like that. I keep asking God to guide me. I trust Him and believe in Him. Please pray for me.

  67. For all my life i’ve been goin to church,but then i was just goin for the sake that my parents were also going.At about 16 i moved to another church in which i felt i could have a better communication with God.i however did but my life has never really been that connected with God.i know what i should be doing instead but every time i do the opposite.even after reading about backsliding i still go back there in the dirt.i’ve just come to a point in my life where i no longer feel the guiltness of what i will have done though i know its wrong.please help

  68. i didnt believe in god for almost my age but now i am realising that he is there for all of us and i want to confess all my sins that i done….and my biggest sin is the same that i did not believe in that spiritual power…..forgive me my god…

  69. I want to get more and more closer to God…i spend at least 30 mins for reading the bible and praying for another 30 mins! n i feel soo comfortable and like some1 is sitting next to me and listening to my prayers while there is no one in my room!! Lord, i know its You…i know You love more more then anyone else! Amen :)

  70. Hi Austin, thanks for writing. Tough question so pardon if my reply is a bit awkward. Guess your definition of “worship” could be handcuffing you a bit. We’re supposed to worship God in all we do – that’s what we were created for. But is worship like what they say in church – “ok, now it’s a time of worship.”, or could I breathe the salt air in worship of God’s magnificence. Enjoy a hug from my wife as we reconcile a difference and worship God with a forgiving and repentant heart? Chew a great bite of hamburger and worship God for his provision for me? Enjoy stimulating conversation with a brother over coffee discussing the Lord’s grace and mercy in our lives (just came back from this, by the way)? Anything in life can be worship – it’s the direction of our heart.

    Not sure your situation but here is what it came down to for me. I definitely don’t think about the Lord every minute of every day, but I don’t think God created me for him to be “out there” me to be “down here” and someday we’ll all get together and hopefully things work out. God created me to be in union with him throughout my day. Prayer becomes more of a running conversation and the more inclusion God has in my life, the better. How that actually plays out in my life ebbs and flows. I’m definitely a person who struggles with being too much in my own business. Fortunately God is faithful even when I’m not. Hopefully that helps with your question at least from my own experience.

  71. Hi Sagarika – thanks. The article isn’t called “The only 10 ways to get closer to God” ;)

  72. Hi Vic – thanks for posting. re: getting it back – tricky. It’s pretty rare when I have that undeniable presence in my life but that doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. Sometimes my unrepentant sin separates me from God. Other times it’s just because I’m not really listening (too busy). But other times, God sometimes stays quiet for what I guess is to build my faith. I don’t think he’s left me, just oddly quiet. Then it comes back around.

    re: Jesus – not really “just a person”. He said some crazy things if he was just a person and wouldn’t be someone people could just call “A good teacher,” and leave it at that. Either God or completely insane/dangerous. Maybe just cruise through the book of John. Don’t focus on the “dogma” or whatever you think it is people are trying to press on you. Maybe just open a dialogue with God through an open heart and read through it – the book of John in the New Testament focuses much on the ministry of Jesus and written to those outside the church (vs some books like Matthew where it was an account of Jesus’ life written to the Jews in that area)

  73. Thanks Matt
    I will do that. As a matter of fact, I will do that tonight after work.
    It is a tough thing, this faith. I wish I had it where it was just a part of my life with no question whatsoever. I am working on it.

    I feel confused most times but can I tell you something?

    About an hour ago, I was resting on my bed as I usually do before a long afternoon/evening of teaching. ( I am a teacher )…I quite often use this time to get in touch with spirit…or try to get that feeling back by meditating or watching videos etc.

    Today, I decided to watch a video online which was Christian in nature. I never do this but did today.

    Anyway, there was a lot of talk about Jesus so I decided to pray and ask for guidance for my confused self…a sign if you will.

    Not long after, I had a message from you in my email. I could not even remember posting here…seems odd that I posted 3 months ago and hear back just after praying. Hmmmmm….I have a lot to think about.

    Thanks Matt!

  74. Man God has been to good to me and my family eventho I dint and I know we was brought in the world to sin but I try not to sin man I been tempted and made the same mistakes man tribulations are killing me now im reading my bible every day and realizing no weapon is formed against me shall not be able to prosper but I pray god is love

  75. hi
    i feel so lonely and sad , i want god but i cant get him, i love him but im not close to him, im so lonly, i want to talk to him, but i cant and i dont hear anything so! i love him im sure but where is him?! i miss him so much…

  76. I also want to be closer with MY LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!!!

  77. No doubt.
    I cnt see u…..
    even i cnt feel ur power…..
    Bt i 9 u r there…
    I always love u…..
    I wish to sense ur power
    pls hv mercy

  78. I need God…i want wonders in my life…he is a protecter

  79. Let’s draw near to God and He will draw near to us. james4;8


  81. You don’t need to ask Jesus to forgive you because he’s allready forgiven you. You don’t need to ask for something already done. I mean… It’s not bad too though. What it should say is to confess to your sins and thank the lord for forgiveness.

  82. Im quite young. Im not sure about how to get closer to God at all. I try but I just cant feel. Anything. Is there something wrong with… i dont know…my signal?? What can I do??

  83. I crry unforgivness with me day in day out year in year out ,Ijust dont seem able to get over a past hurt whitch happend at the church my wife and I Atenddid ,My wife stayed put I moved to anather church ,the problem is its all about me and what i want ,My walk with god is no wear near as it was ,I just want to move on ,If i could be the person i was ,maybe my wife would want to be with me ,how do I go forward ,it feels like I am at war with my own shadow ,I just dont seem to be able to move forward ,I am so selfish ,its all about me ,I long to put that right not with clever words ,action is needed also ,gb colin

  84. this is more than awesome,OUR GOD is more than awesome

  85. I have known god since i was 17, i am now 22though and let me tell you my story… i have walked away from god 3 times since then and messed up my life so bad each time and im so scared god has given up on me. I have been wrapped up in drugs, got a sinful tattoo, and at one time was dancing for money… i hate the person that i have become i want to be back with god where i was 5working years ago, at times ill listen to sermons online but when i pray i feel empty. Also i was wondering what blasphemy ment because im scared i have done it. I dont want to miss out in a eternity in heaven for a eternity in hell. Also i have noticed that when i ask for forgiveness and start getting right with god i really get into it that is all i think about and want and people say i act like im in a cult… please if anyone has any information for me please help me, pray for me thank you god bless

  86. I want to get closer to god right now to stand in heaven and see GOD open the gates to his great palace and walk with my family and friends on the clouds and be free and rest in peace.

  87. I believe in GOD cause he brought me in this world and I pray to him for him to help his children from this hell of earth.
    That this planet is a game and we have to find our way out of earth by believing GOD and let him save you……..I love You GOD of all my mydy soul.

  88. I want to be so much closer to God yes I pray yes I believe am I perfect no do I sin yes I want to be forgiven for my sins I know I have Gods unconditional love and I just want to be on a better path I want to go through my days worry free because I know that God will make away

  89. God in omnipresent,Omnipotent therefore we are all his believe it or not.We occupy his space,cause he is all.We talk with his breath cause,any moment he takes it we are pronounced dead.We shoul worship him in spirit and in truth.We are weak but he is mighty.Let’s walk in faith,believing that he is and we shall as we already are walking with him.Hallelujah!!!! Thanks and Praises!!!! To our Alpha and Omega,Amen and Amen!!!!!

  90. Iwanna be closs to you dear Lord

  91. hello everyone I have a question hopefully someone can help me out? Am a 30 yr male Hispanic from east l.a california I am also a gang member that is trapped in two worlds the good and the bad look my question is HOW DO I GET CLOSER TO GOD? Just yesterday the l.a.p.d came to my mothers house for personel reasons and honestly b4 they had came I had wanted to get closer to god my kids and ex wife are in the truth but my parents are so negative about life I guess thats where I fall back into my depression stage and go back to the gang life and slip bad again, so as soon as this officer and I made contact with each other it was a message from god! This officer MALDONADO AND HIS PARTNER LESDAMA L.A.P.D! Hollenbeck division) seen me and instead of arresting me like I have always been arrested for my dumb rebellious ways as soon as he spoke I started breaking down as if god had sent his counsels to counsel me I swear I have never looked at law enforcement like I did yesterday everything he said to me and explained to me as how my life is, that it is goons end up really bad if I don’t change myself and no.early i do want to get to know god but am scared of what my friends and homeboys will say but like the officer said he was right I have to lose my pride first and the macho attitude he said just because u have tattoos all over ur arms head chest eveywhere doesnt mean god won’t love u because of ur body he will love u for u for you loving him and making him #1 b4 all god in in our hearts and spirits but u have to make the connection with god and only u can do it if u mean the words u say and above all ur heart, I swear to u I broke down as if no tomarrow, or as if he and his words were god, “GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS PARTNER” and after an hour of the best council I have ever had all my life whether it was in juvenile hall or county jail, or prison it finally hit me by two officers of L.A.P.D in my home to finally make me go 100% on making my descision to one of gods blessed, so basically what do I do now? Do I have to sign up or just go to a church on a Sunday? Whqt do I do and hopefully someone can help me b4 I get negative thoughts and slip away well thank u all and god bless everyone “officer maldonado & partner I thank you u both so much from the bottom of my open heart for god now and thank u so much for the prayer you had with me I felt as if your words u spoke during the prayer was washing and pulling out all of the bad demons off of me! Honestly I have never felt or cried out like that since I was a child and most above all thank you for going back to ur police car and giving me your bible and set me free to love god! God bless u and ur partner a million times and most of all thank you god, I love u….

  92. Thanx 4 ur powerful message on how to get closer to God i am a committed christian n after now am a very very very committed committed one. I LOve Jesus sosososo much and I thank him for dieing on the cross for ur sins thank u God.Amen

  93. Im Scared .
    Why Cant i Get Closer To God ?
    My Whole Family Sees And Feels Him Like i Cant .

    i Need God In My Life And Be Moved By Him Like Every One Else Is.

  94. I keep doing the same sin….why….i regret it i cheated on my husban i told him i am really ashamed of it and i need god in my life.. i just dont know where to start…i feel sad. mad.embarrased of my self…..its a strong feeling i really need him im my life….i want to change and be a better person

  95. Praise the lord forever.Really an amazing quotes are posted here that would lead youths to christian path.One and only JESUS is pure…Jesus is my prestige and he is the only savior of this whole universe.

  96. im always depressed, lonely, not feeling important to anybody but my family and i hate it i just want to feel his love but its just so difficult with all this….sadness, depression i want it to stop but i dont know how i want to have time for him but i just dont and i cant afford to do bad in school im finally doing good and its killing me that i dont have time for him and at school im ashamed to pray because of i think people are going to think of me so please help me!!!i really need it…):

  97. I want to be close to God. It seems like each and every time that I am where I feel I am on my way to getting close to him I sin and that makes me feel so unworthy. I RUN. I know I am supposed to run to him , but I get scared/ashamed cause he has been so good to me and here I go bowing down to the flesh again and sinning against him. I think that is a trick of the enemy , to make us feel unworthy and to run rather than to turn to god when we are in situations like that. I pray God forgives me and brings me and each and everyone of you in his presence .

  98. I’m 13 and I’m struggling in my life. Every time Ive needed someone to talk to God Has been there for me I Love Him With All My Heart. thanks Matt For putting this up it has really helped me open my heart more to The Lord.

  99. A year ago, my grandmother was ill with osteoporosis and spinalbifdia (spelling?). She was in pain and her body was crushing in on her. Her bones were brittle. I sat one night and prayed to God to either heal her or take her away from the pain. Even if it meant taking her away from us to be with him. A week later, she passed away. She wasn’t hurting anymore and it was hard to cry at first because in a way, I was relieved she didn’t have to hurt anyways. She wasn’t happy. Her mind was still there which was difficult for her and the whole family. Almost a year later, and I feel a huge load of guilt. What if I didn’t pray for what I did? Would she still be here with us?

  100. this is good and will help us near our God always.

  101. prayer request:pray 4 God to help me with my studies,pray 4 safe delivery for my wife,and pray that God will give me the strenght to go to church on sundays

  102. I love the Lord a lot too.. with all my heart. Although at times I do some stupid things that is not in the will of God. I love him with all my heart, mind, body and soul.

  103. i want to know more of God but i have a little problem, i have a boyfriend i dont know if i should continuing dating him, he complains alot, and i want God to lead me through

  104. what if you were once a visionaire and u later bakslide. wat will i do

  105. sometimes I feel like fighting against what God wants from me. I went to a youth crusade last night and it really opened my eyes. I learned that I have to let go and let God do his will in me. I can’t do this on my own anymore and I ask GOD to take control of everything. I’m working on getting close to him like I used to be and closer.

  106. i want give my life to GOD

  107. I beleive in GOD very much ,I want to meet any person who is very closer to god or even he/her saw the GOD ,so if any person having this type of experience please shara with me,i will very-very thankful to that person

  108. It was Sunday 29th March 2009 , 8:00 AM I was ready to go for my Friends Functions in Tiptur Dudda 100Kms Far Away from my Home . My Parents sob to come church but Dint pay attention any of the words and Went with Them .That Day we had 2 SUV Race – SAFARI and CRV .WE reached the Place and while Returning which I was travelling topple 8 times. Friend who was driving Name Ullas has Died in Spot and My Body blood supply is interrupted to the brain for 3 minutes the cells begin to die, after 20 minutes the organ is completely dead – this is why CPR is rarely performed for more than 20 minutes. Had I been performing CPR I would have stopped life support as well.My friends and My Parents entered the medical centre and saw where my body lay, but in faith they did not give up hope .Even though I had been dead for 2 hour 25 minutes my heart beat returned and I share a faith in Jesus Christ as the Almighty God and taking my hand, offered a simple, silent prayer:! I was still unconscious and my pulse was extremely weak, so I was transferred to MS Ramaiah Hospital Bangalore . 2 well-known Cardiologists of Bangalore operated to clear an extremely blocked right coronary artery. The attending physicians were extremely doubtful I would survive at all, let alone wake from my coma with any brain function. In the following days my recovery astonished all the staff treating me. Late on Sunday night, just over 2 Months I opened my eyes momentarily. My Mom saw me but the Physician treating me refused to believe her when she told him. But all doubt was removed on Monday when I started moving my hands and feet, and by Wednesday I was completely conscious. Not only could I talk, see and move, I read my charts and monitored my own recovery. Two weeks later I was discharged from hospital and Later in Home did Physiotherapy for 3 Months . On reflection now, I think God saved my life from complete and certain death to teach me some important truths. Jesus Christ really is the Creator God, the giver of life, the accomplisher of impossible things, and He responds to the humble prayers of His servants. Also, eternity is only a breath away for us all, and what really matters is our relationship with God. We are only pilgrims on this earth, life is temporary, what matters is eternal.I believe I am only alive because God has done an amazing miracle. This happened for the glory of God and I can take no credit for any good thing that has happened to me.There aren’t many well documented cases of patients being clinically dead for so long, returning to life with their memory perfectly intact and without any neurological problems at all. Medically this is impossible; it could only be done by God. Have you ever wondered if the miracles of the Bible really happened? I am living proof. Are you still skeptical? I’ve got it all.How valuable is your life? Jesus Christ loves you and wants to be your Saviour. He died on the cross to take away your sins and mine. Whether you live tomorrow or die, with Jesus in your life you’re promised an eternity in heaven. Why not ask him into your life today?I hope my story will encourage you in your journey, and one day I’ll see you in heaven too, along with Jesus. May God bless you as you follow Him.
    Thanks & Regards,

  109. My walk with God has been full of ups and downs, rising and falling. I always broke all promises made to stop sinning especially premarital sex. I have committed some sins that I still feel hasn’t been forgiven. I just want God to give me tHe strength to love him and serve him in truth and in spirit. And I want help bring other people closer to God. But how do I become more committed and steadfast instead of blowing hot and cold.

  110. fasting is the most important thing that can get you closer to God.you pray and giving up food for God.you talk to him empty stomach asking that you would need a satisfaction of spirit.u give up food becoz of him,you give up water because of him,you cn evn gve up everuthing and do dry fasting.talk to God he is the best listener.he understands you mo than yu do yoself

  111. Our God is an awesome God, I have had my share of losing Faith in him but through it all he has stood by me and proven his undying love for me. I need to get closer to him because without him I am nothing.

  112. I’m too lazy to pray. My spiritual life is in a big lull. Please help me. I need guidance.

  113. Lord Jesus without you i am a nobody.But with you in my life i am somebody.Thank you Lord Jesus for saving my soul.


  115. understanding the benefits and reasons of becoming more closer to God will motivate you spiration


  117. i need jesus….because the tym is near

  118. This website is amaizing…it keeps me closer to friends that my heart wants to relate with.It has the words that that i want to read…it gives me tips on how to stay closer to God!…This is where i want to be.

  119. hai, am working married women,one year. iam always read bible but for pst one year i noticed, am getting lazy , not able to gey closer to god . always buzy doing things foe hubby please help. my time to god is lesser and not happy always ,

  120. Just wanna thank thy lord

  121. Im really slacking on being “close” to God, and im trying to get closer. But this website refreshed my memory so…. Thankyou for the tips i will use them all as much as i can! :)

  122. God is so good. He loves us no matter what. I went through some changes over my lifetime, even to a point where I didn’t care about church before coming back. It is amazing that God never leaves us nor forsakes us.

  123. I feel unworthy but I know he loves me because he died for me but I get to a point of if he’s a friend that sticketh closer then a brother why won’t he talk to me I want fellowship with god so bad my heart hurts I want the real walk with god relationship I mean look at Saul one of the biggest rivals of the church and god changes his name and he becomes the great apostle of the bible please lord don’t leave me like this I beg you please..


  125. i want to get so close to God. it seems am always caught up in sin

  126. i love God. but i’m so scared of eternity most of the time, i feel i don’t even have a chance with him. but i know the innr peace he grants, and i really need that.

  127. She’s 97 Now and Went to Church Last Sunday

    I have called my father every day for years. He is now 88 years of age. I also know that he is either going to a doctor, coming from a doctor, at an office of one of his doctors. The eighties must be very challenging for all of us if we make it to this age.
    Recently he told me about an old friend of our family. He made the comment, “She’s 97 now and went to church last Sunday.”
    I can remember this lady and her husband attending worship services when I was just a child. Both my wife and I grew up in the same church together. We have reminisced about this lady since my father mentioned her.
    When we were children growing up in the same church, ladies wore pretty dresses and beautiful, colorful hats. Today, of course, a lady may sit in front of us with tight blue jeans on or even short shorts during our worship service.
    Today it is not unusual for young ladies to walk by us attempting to pull down their mini dresses as they look for a seat in the worship center. When we grew up people dressed up big time for worship. Today it’s all casual. Unfortunately, so is the worship.
    My wife and I recall how we use to get that deep, moving and inspiring feeling during worship that made us feel so close to God and so revived to go and do better. Now the story is different. We hear our worship team playing rock band music and what we call therapeutic talks. No wonder that feeling is just not there—not any more.
    Perhaps this is why our old friend is 97 now and still going to our old church. She, too, must still want that deep down feeling of more: more inspiration, more encouragement and more spiritual revival. I feel certain this is why at 97 she is still going to the same church we attended decades ago. There’s nothing like that worshipful, deep-down spiritual, uplifting feeling that stays with you all week long—we miss it!

    Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10 KJV).

  128. Getting close to God is easy as you spending time gisting with your best friend. All you have to do is to invite him into your heart, spend time studying the word, praying and fellowshipping with him. When you fellowship with someone, you converse with the person. So fellowshiping with GoD goes a long way in helping you go closer to him. Have a specific time whereby you would stop all things and just listen to him and respond when you need to.

  129. I Love Jesus bcz i knw 4 a fact he loves me too..i wanna b a living testimony bt d only problem is i am smoking and still hve a bf…i pray everydae 2b on track bt devil comes accross and take me bck 2 sin.my fellow brothes and sisters,plz pray 4me as i do too..may god bless u

  130. Ask God Te Help You Stop Sinning.
    This is an absolutely key element in truly getting closer to God. Sin separates us from God.

  131. Hi Amy, regarding “feeling empty” – It’s a common snare to get wrapped up in feelings. True, some pretty amazing things happen in the Bible & even today – I’ve had a few experiences which definitely involved my feelings, but those are few & far between. The Israelites escaped Egypt and spent years in the desert witnessing astonishing miracles every day. They still fell away. Jesus performed many miracles for sure, but he talks much more about faith – things hoped for & not seen. Ultimately we all have to believe that when we pray God. Have you prayed for the Lord to forgive you and turn your life over to him? If not, then that would be the first step – God will actually come to live in your heart. Don’t worry if the “feelings” aren’t there when you do – I sure expected a bit more to happen when I got saved. Noticing God’s changes in your life will happen in time. If you have already accepted Christ as your savior, then just pray for the Lord to increase your faith and do everything you can to reject those feelings of doubt. I’ll be praying for you & thanks for stopping by.

  132. Hey there – truly sorry to hear you feel alone & sad. I truly sympathize with you – I’ve struggled with on & off depression my entire life. If you want God & have accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior, though – you “have him”…. well actually, he has you and will never let you go. I’d love to actually hear him too – hasn’t happened yet in terms of an actual voice. One thing that helped me was spending more time reading his word (the Bible). It’s not that God sees me reading the Bible & says “What a great guy – now I’ll talk to him.” It’s more that he is talking to me all the time, but I’m either not listening, or I don’t recognize his voice. The more I had his written word passing through my brain, it helped me recognize when he did talk to me. Hope that encourages you a bit & thanks for being so open about your struggles.

  133. lol… I don’t think God runs by any blueprint. I love my checklists but God doesn’t seem to follow any of them. I can tell you it wouldn’t hurt. I’ve been in a really dry spell myself, but just keep pressing in. Check this article out. If you keep pressing in, God will answer – maybe not in an audible way, but perhaps he’ll show you how he wants to communicate with you. He is there. He is “speaking”. And he definitely loves you – he’s with you right now.

  134. Hi Kristy – thanks for sharing your struggle. The humility of doing that shows your sincerity for God’s truth in your life and I hope you are encouraged by seeing God bring you to that place. We’re always going to sin – I can look back on my life and see God working, but I almost never see it in “the moment”. I’ve seen God perform absolute miraculous turnarounds in people and wonder “why not me”? But then again, maybe some people look at me & think the same – who knows. I wish I knew a good answer for continual sin, but perhaps seeking greater accountability from other believers and shaking up your routine a bit. That isn’t going to solve any sin issues, because we’re going to inhabit this flesh until we die and will always war against it… but perhaps it could help put you in some situations to help avoid some of the sins. Most of all though, just keep going to him – keep pressing in, and keep believing. God loves you.

  135. He hears them Olivia – thanks for sharing. He definitely hears them. Have they been answered? If not, I definitely feel your frustration – I’ve been in a period where most of the blessings in my life have been removed. I’m not aware of it being a sin issue (at least any more sin than usual) and the enemy has been on me from literally all fronts. He’s there though, he hears you, he loves you, and he has more good things for you than you could ever ask or imagine. I pray some encouragement & breakthrough for whatever it is you’re struggling with inside will come soon.

  136. Hey there – thanks for sharing & being open. Doing the opposite? Yeah, been there… probably an hour or so ago :)

    Be encouraged God has revealed to you that you don’t feel guilty about what whatever it is you’re struggling with. Most people will tell you and I that guilty feelings are bad & we should forget them. I don’t think God wants us to feel guilty all the time about sin if we’ve asked him to forgive us….. but…. a lack of guilt for sin is a sign of a hardening heart. Not sure how old you are now, but this would be something to jump on soon with God. I had someone point out a hardening of my heart issue recently and I’m very thankful for it – sin? That can be forgiven, but if I get to the point where I’ve tricked myself into justifying sin? That’s a dangerous road. Sounds like you already know this so I’m just expanding on it for the others. Fortunately God is on the case with guys like you & I to help keep us on the path. Just keep pressing in – he’s there. he’s listening. You may not “feel” it, and I don’t really think we should be looking for that, anyway. Relying too much on my flesh leaves me open to all kinds of other confusion. However if I can rest in faith that God is who he says he is & cares for me the way he says he cares for me… that’s lasting. That can’t be confused by the things of this world.

  137. I really love Jesus but when I go to church I rebel with my parents and I really don’t know what gets into me. I like going to church but I have friends that are Christian and are jerks and talk dirty and I follow them please help Jesuslover1 get closer to Jesus

  138. Hey, thanks for stopping by. I certainly understand where you’re coming from on the rebellion issue – on the positive side, it at least bothers you. That in itself is a sign of God’s presence in your life. I didn’t feel bad about much of anything (other than getting caught) until I was in my 20s & turned my life over to the Lord.

    re: friends – just remember that Christians will be jerks. Mr. Perfect doesn’t need Jesus. And again – that you recognize these things and care to pursue an answer is another sign of the Lord in your life.

    I pray the Lord raises you up to be a strong leader in your circle of influence, and continue to build up bulletproof faith in him.

  139. latty . I am a chritian , but i really want more of God . i want to get closer to him . i want to tell others about him, because he is every to me . when i am sad he make me smile. i know i am chosen by God

  140. latty. I am falling in love with jesus evey single day,i am hungry for more of is word.I am pray for i really want to get closer to him, i love him so much, he is every thing to me . God bless and keep you

  141. pleas i need help,
    i strongly masturbate and always watching Sex movies.
    pleas i help me what to do because i want to move more closer to God.most time i found my self doing it,once am done doing it i will tell my self that i will not do it again,but i will still find my self doing it.pleas i seriously want to stop it so as not to wast my life to the devil.

  142. […] inmiddels 20, geloof m’n hele leven al en toch heb ik bijna nooit het gevoel dat God en ik close […]

  143. […] 10 Ways to Get Closer to GOD […]

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