30 Days to Wisdom – Day 29

Opening Prayer for God’s blessings of Wisdom

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to worship you in spirit and truth. Thank you for keeping your hand on our lives and for leading us through your word to a closer relationship with you. We pray for the needs of all those who are joining us via the Internet today and ask for you to conform them to the image of Christ to the point that we are willing. Lord teach us strength, faith, and love. Amen.

What a blessing it is to be with you all today. The Lord has his hand on your life and has a very precise plan as to how it is going to get done.

Let me share with you a personal story about the Lord teaching me this principle. My wife and I recently renewed our lease where we live and the management offered to add another fan in the house. “Sure, who couldn’t use a fan in Charleston? Just have them install it in the master bedroom” (The summers are rediculously hot). That took place in the beginning of December.

We have had several run-ins with the staff here for well… lets say we have different expectations pertaining to time tables and attitude. I have had to pray quite often over my attitude with them sometimes which brings me back to the fan situation. We are now in mid-March. As you may guess, our fan still was not installed. I know full well how to put a fan in my house but it was the principle of the matter. The office had various excuses over the past few months, but seriously people – it’s a fan that may take an half-hour tops to install.

This past weekend my parents who are enjoying their retirement stopped in with the old family dining table. They wanted my wife and I to have it as we start our new family. To make room, we had to move my office to a back room. This room did not have very good ventilation and could get pretty hot.

“Wait, we thought.” Since they haven’t installed the fan yet, let’s have them put it in the back room instead of the bedroom (my wife doesn’t like the fan blowing on her when she sleeps anyway). Well, my wife called them to change the order and they just happened to be finally coming out that very day.

So here I sit, writing to you in my back office with the cool breeze of the fan blowing on me. Sure, I could have blown my top and gotten them to install the fan earlier. However, we would have ended up with it in the wrong room.

See? God always knows what is best for us. The timing of this could not have been any better. Thanks God, I hope I remember this the next time circumstance tempts me to lose faith that you have everything planned out, from what we are to eat and drink, to where we are to work and live, down to when and where we are to install a ceiling fan.

With that praise report, we head to today’s reading…

Christian Wisdom from Proverbs, Chapter 29

This chapter has leadership as a primary theme running through it. It refers to leadership in the home, workplace, and our walk with the Lord.

6) Have you ever felt trapped in sin? It really does feel like our hearts are in jail. Some time back I had a bunch of illegal software on my computer that I obtained through illegal file sharing. I was thinking about learning more about the Internet and rationalized (how I don’t know) that keeping the files was OK since I could not afford them. Once I had some money I would buy the real copies.

Remember what happened to Abraham and Sarah when they tried to move ahead of God’s plan for their lives? Yup, that’s right – Ishmael. He gave birth to the rebellious and violent culture of the Middle-East; an area that has been plagued with violence long before the Western world had any dealings with them.

God started dealing with me about this area of sin and I resisted. I made excuses and even shut God out of my mind. It actually hurt to hold onto that sin. I eventually listened to the Lord and let it go. The second I deleted all the software, I felt totally free. God was then able to work in my life to bring me to the place of knowledge in Internet Marketing that I have today.

Praise the Lord!

7) How true. Not only do the wicked inflict harm on the poor, but they think others are fools for not taking advantage of such an easy opportunity for personal gain.

8) This brings to mind a story about a University of West Virginia vs Virginia Tech football game wher WVU lost. In anger (and stupidity) some students went out in the streets and lit parts of the town on fire.

The next year, WVU beat Virginia Tech. “Whew,” the town officials thought. “We’re safe”…

In celebration of their upset victory, the students of the University of West Virginia once again lit their town on fire; this time, in celebration.

Sorry Mountaineers, I lived in Kentucky for 8 years and am morally obligated to point this out : )

9) Ever had a person confront you who did not know the Lord? Notice how insanely angry people can get over the smallest things? I still get like that sometimes, even though I have been born again – it is impossible for an unsaved person to have the desire or strength to control their spirit. The laughing referred to here is a mocking laugh.

11) Remember back when this verse was written, that they did not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We would now refer to the fool’s spirit, and our flesh and soul.

23) I wish I could tell you how many times my pride has “brought me low”. My pride came as a coping mechanism to deal with inadequacies – and because all humans are wicked. You see, pop psychology only covers the first part. It says, “see, your parents are to blame. What you are doing is acceptable.” We have to take responsibility for our own actions. When I am a child, it is justifiable that parents can be blamed for the actions of their children. When we get to an age of accountability, we are given opportunities for introspection and to realize we have the freedom to choose our response to external stimuli.

Unfortunately many adults go their entire lives without doing this. They live their lives as a function of what happens to them. Good things happen to them and they are happy. Bad things happen and they are miserable/angry. Unfortunately in a fallen world the bad can often seem to outweigh the good – especially when we give Satan our ear.

What is the solution? If we stay in God’s word, he will not only reveal what the truth is, but he will also break the veil off of us so we see ourselves as we truly are; broken, and in need of a savior. If we remain vigilant and consistent in our prayer, we will grow stronger in our familiarity with the Lord’s “voice” and leading. This will be our guide when the enemy tries to pass his lies of as God’s word.

19, 21) If we have servants (employees in this day and age) we are to discipline them. God puts the wise in charge so that they will use the various pieces of the organization to produce good fruit and advance God’s kingdom. We must keep all pieces of the “machine” in good working order, because our business must give 100% each day to share the love of Christ. If we have people working for us that are not committed, they have to leave, lest they drag down the morale of the others.

20) I used this example before, but it is pretty good and certainly worth repeating. I heard a minister point out that God has given us two ears and one mouth. Perhaps our ratio of listening to talking should resemble that. I sometimes (often) struggle with this. It is not always because I want to be heard (prideful manner). I just sometimes get nervous with uncomfortable silences around strangers and seek to fill the “dead air”. This verse seems to suggest that this is not good ; )

More Wisdom Tomorrow from God’s Word!

Thanks for coming by. One day left in the series, and then we will move onto all kinds of great topics for working Christians. I hope you take time to check out the other resources on the site; especially the prayer request room

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