Free Online Sermons – Rob Bell and Mars Hill Church

Rob Bell Mars Hill ChurchHardcore sermon junkies may be familiar with Rob Bell through his “Everything is Spiritual” tour in the summer of 2006 where he traveled the country sharing the word in a unique fashion, and donating proceeds to water aid. Readers of Christian literature may have perused his book Velvet Elvis.

Regardless, this pastor is quite gifted to be able to take books of the Bible that are considered by many to be quite dry, and explain them in a manner that today’s culture can understand and connect with.

Mars Hill church keeps the last 12 weeks of their sermons online for us to listen to, and it is 100% free. I’ll take that any day of the week.

Enjoy, and have a blessed day!

10 Responses to “Free Online Sermons – Rob Bell and Mars Hill Church”

  1. hi, I’d like to read some of Rob Bell’s sermons? Is that possible

  2. Hi Melina,

    Not sure if they have them written out. Usually what would have to occur is someone would need to transcribe them and that is either time-consuming for volunteers or expensive if it is sourced, so chances are slim. You could contact Mars Hill church and see if they do that, though. If they do, let us know :)

  3. Where can I go to find out Rob’s Christian beliefs?

  4. Hi Steve,
    Guess I’d start with his church site at

  5. although, I suspect it may not contain what you’re looking for. Unless you have a very specfic question, trying to get someone to be able to explain their Christian beliefs can be like trying to catch water out of a bucket. We have an entire Bible which Christians are to believe as God’s holy and inspired word. How someone interprets that is a different question, but will likely take far more than what the church site lays out.

  6. Does anyone know of a place to find older rob bell sermons? I’ve already listened to all the ones available on the Mars Hill website.

  7. Hey Chris – no clue bro. I’d ask the church. Undoubtedly somebody has those recorded. Maybe they have them on mp3 studies if you contact the church… or since churches like volunteers they may end up asking if you want to reorganize the archives (lol)

  8. Hi there Im also looking for older sermons of Rob. One in specific seeing that I have 4 of the 5 (Jesus wants to save Christians) In specific its the 4th sermon that I don’t have. Thanks. :-)

  9. i need info. rob hills sermon on the role of men in the home and the church,i don’t know the teaching but, he sure was chewing no guts men and how we treat our women.
    thank you,
    roy j. volz
    ps-the sermon that was from the 8th in a series of i don’t know.

  10. I would recommend the Nooma Tapes to those wanting to hear Rob Bell…maybe not truly sermons, but very thought provoking and inspirational!

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