Online Audio Bible Gateway

Online Text Bible Gateway

  • (free)– The “Worldwide #1 bible study program” (8 million downloads+) for your computer! Dozens of translations, commentaries, maps, dictionaries, etc. Truly a MUST HAVE for anyone interested in learning about God. The software must be downloaded to your computer, but it is simple. It is worth repeating, that it is 100% free, and contains no spyware or adware of any kind!
  • (free)– Features a great scripture search tool, and will display up to an entire book at a time in a variety of translations
  • (free)– a scaled-down version of
  • American Bible Society (free)- resources to accompany your study of the Bible

Online Audio Bible Gateway

  • Zondervan Dramatized Bible – New International Version is translated to modern English. It also has music, sound effects throughout, and multiple actors. It is not free, but can be found cheaply on Amazon
  • Audio Treasure (free) – A multitude of mp3 translations in many languages (scroll to middle of page for downloads)
  • Audio Bible (free) – narrated King James Version

Online Bible Study Gateway

  • Thru the Bible – The late Dr. J. Vernon Magee takes us aboard the “Bible Bus” for a 5 year journey through the Bible. This is an excellent companion to any Bible Study, even if some of the anecdotes are a bit outdated
  • The Audio Bible Study – John Hunt take allows guests to peruse his extensive collection of audio recordings from Bible Study groups that he teaches. Thirty years of experience provides a wealth of knowledge delivered in a down-to-earth style. He reminds us of a modern J. Vernon Magee… If Dr. Magee was from New Jersey.

3 Responses to “Online Audio Bible Gateway”

  1. I love learning the word i have bible and it’s torn really bad just how much I study and I need a large prent bible so whe I go to chuch I can read alone the paster oh i need one withe refrence I Hope I stell that right. I want to get the bible,bue I don’t have the money to get one. I love studing Gods the word con be down in me. I can have a closer walk with God. I love God with all my might with all my heart. God belone to me He’s in,my hand He’s in my feet. He’s in my my mind. He’s all over.

  2. I would love to try the audio bible for free thanks

  3. My husband bought the cell for me . And I like to listen and read the bible at the same time .Reading I dont like the mans voice it is to deep. But on on the audio I lile dramitized voice mush better …and when some one else is talking I like the differant voices …. Thank ypu for jelping me read faster ….Josie

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